Microwaves LG

Whether it's beautifully designed options for your kitchen or the latest technologies, new cooking appliances from LG are designed to enhance your overall experience by creating great everyday moments. Explore the broad array of innovative LG cooking appliances for your kitchen.

LG strives to achieve the highest standard of "Stylish Design" by perfecting the concept, style, interface and finish of each of our products. We've built a long history of award-winning designs, consistently delivering elegance and performance to our customers' everyday lives.

The innovative features on LG microwaves make mealtime preparation quick and easy. Countertop microwaves are a great way to get the whole family involved in mealtime preparation.

Cutting edge LG innovation allows you to preheat, brown, bake, or roast, all in significantly less time.

The premium stainless steel cavity looks great, and conducts heat better than traditional painted metal interiors and with Sensor Cook, you have humidty-sensing technology that determines when food is cooked to perfection.

An LG countertop microwave oven is so easy to use, and is a great addition to any kitchen. With simple features like one-touch controls and child lock protection, LG countertop microwave ovens help you create perfectly cooked meals without the hassle.